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Wood Factory

Rare timber is dressed in our own Wood Factory to create warmth and color. Additional workshop specializes in textiles, gypsum moldings and paintwork. There, rich fabrics,-blending with luxurious hand-tufted carpets-are tailored for drapes and upholstery, ornate ceiling decorations are cast and finished, and complex paint renderings are prepared and executed.


This integrated interior environment is complemented by a careful choice of furnishings that set the mood along with glittering chandeliers, light fittings, and accessories that reflect each client’s individual taste.


We believe that having our In-House Factory enhances the three key things to satisfying our customer, Quality Control, Time Control and Cost Control.


Spazio Design & Build is Q-mark & ISO:9001 Certified.


Fine marble, granite, mosaics, and stone are quarried and polished to the specification for the appropriate project, mastered by the sister companies to meet the interior design requirements laid down by our designers and tailor made to up to finest details and need of the client.